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Professional shop automation:

webshops and POS systems

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The start of your own clothing store starts at R2 Retail

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Starting your own clothing store has never been easier! At R2 Retail we provide a webshop that meets your needs. This webshop will get a link to the POS system WinPOS, which allows you to always view your stock and much more!

Responsive webshop design

Your future webshop will be available on mobile, tablet and PC’s. You will reach every potential customer, making your costumer base grow tremendously! Start now!

Personal helpdesk

We will always be ready to answer your questions. When you have a problem, please feel free to contact our helpdesk. They will help back on track in no time.

User-friendly Design

Work is already heavy enough, which is why we make our software clear and user friendly for you.

Get a headstart with your very own (future) clothing store!

Let us inform you… Tell us your story and we shall personally provide you with professional and personalized advice.

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