ScanSource, Inc. is an international distributor of specialty technology products, such as point-of-sale systems, barcode scanners, mobility products, video and audio conferencing solutions, access control equipment and video surveillance solutions.

While ScanSource does not manufacture these products, we provide a distribution channel for manufacturers to sell their products to value-added resellers.  ScanSource offers thousands of products to our reseller partners.  Since our inception in 1992, we have been committed to only selling to resellers, never to end users, ensuring we are always a partner to our reseller customers, never a competitor.

While some may assume the distributor is a middleman who drives costs up for the channel, the opposite is true at ScanSource. We take on many of the services and programs that the manufacturer or reseller would have had to manage themselves, such as marketing and warehousing for the manufacturer, and technical support, education, training, professional services and financing for the reseller, among many others.

Relieving manufacturers of these value-added functions allows them to enjoy a reduced cost of sales and intensify their focus on their core mission of pioneering and manufacturing new technologies.  At the same time resellers benefit because, as a distributor, ScanSource is motivated to have deeper inventory levels, provide multi-vendor product solution offerings, ensure products are delivered promptly, and provide value-added services and support.

Increased efficiencies, enhanced processes and outstanding support help to make ScanSource an ideal partner to vendors and resellers alike.