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Webshop hosting at your speed

Webshop hosting at your speed!

Our professionals are ready to give you personal advice for your webshop hosting needs. We will listen to you and your wishes and convert it into the webshop of your dreams! Speed has an enormous impact for succes and user-friendliness. If the webshop responds at a speed the user wants, they will have no problems getting to that checkout page. We wouldn’t want users to leave the website before reaching the checkout, do we?

Higher speed = Higher rank in Google

Not only user-friendliness and speed are affected by a fast webshop. You will get high scores in the search results of Google just by having a faster loading speed. How useful is that? Let’s take a moment for some simple math;

Higher ranks in the Google Search Results = More clicks on your page = More customers.

You will get more customers on your website and a higher percentage of them will reach the checkout page.

Webshop hosting – Shared Magento Hosting

Shared hosting is our standard speed. It works fine for an average webshop, but it will bottleneck your webshop if the amount of traffic exceeds the limits. Should you be unsatisfied with the speeds, you can always contact us for an upgrade in server speeds. We will handle these requests within 24 hours (on workdays).

Recommended for small to medium size webshops

Webshop hosting – Professional VPS (Virtual Private Server)

A Virtual Private Server is a server reserved just for you. High speeds, many visitors. Anything is possible!

Recommended for medium to large sizes of webshops