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With years of develoment; Magento has become one of the best and most popular platforms focused on E-commerce. Magento has countless possibilities and options to your webshop to make it grow  and shine.


Discover the advantages

The entire package to start an online store

R2 Retail is a huge fan of Magento because of the many functionalities that magento has. Starting a shop with Magento means an easy CMS (Content Management System) to manage and monitor your products, orders, categories and your earnings.

SEO: Optimized for the Google search engines

Magento is not only built to be user-friendly, but also reach the top rankings of Google. You would almost get overwhelmed by all the customers, but the next advantage of Magento resolves this…

Fast and automated check-out

Tracking orders is no problem at Magento. Standard orders are tracked; Orders can be sent to a track & trace enabled delivery company, so that the costumer can track & trace their order. Emails are automatically sent after an order.

Sending orders manually is a thing of the past. Magento will save you loads of time.

Plugins and extensions

This is the part that we most love. Plugins and extensions. Magento has so much space for expansion, that basically everything is possible on a webshop. Extensions are made in the from of plug-ins for Magento webshop. Plugins like posting services, One Step Checkout, Filters/search engines for your products. You name it and it probably exists!

We have created a linking program for our WinPOS POS system. This allows you, as a webshop/store owner, to keep track of the products of your physical and online store.

Magento Multi-store webshop

Magento features a Multi-store functionality. This means that you can easily manage several webshops from the Magento Administation Panel.

For example: You can book different domain names as a webshop. One for fashion products and one for sports products. You can match your domain name with the keyword you want to rank for in Google to get high Google rankings. More people will find their way to your webshop!

Magento Webshops Launched

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R2 Retail is specialized in Magento hosting and web development; Please contact our Magento specialist to see what R2 Retail can do for you!

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