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The perfect hard- and software solution in a single POS system

As an owner or manager of a sport, fashion, shoes, lingerie or other store you will undoubtedly be confronted with the following: You are always looking for reliable data with a clear overview.
Which suppliers or brands, and even which sizes make the greatest turnover and the highest return? What is the return on my marketing campaign? How do I check and motivate my staff? By using the WinPOS POS system, you will obtain direct insight  in numbers and management reports that you can build upon.

Our solution

The WinPOS POS system has all the management information you need and provides insight into customers and sales results. By using the WinPOS reports you can now take informed decisions. WinPOS leads to the goal you are working constantly for: more sales and better results!

Experience shows that there is a need for a simple, reliable and convenient checkout system. Preferably in the form of a user-friendly and results-oriented system. Besides detailed reports that the WinPOS shop automation system default, you have loyalty programs to reward loyal customers. Because R2 retail solutions has many years of experience in the further development of the software and is in close contact with customers they respond to the changing needs of consumers. We are a one-stop-shop for store automation. Both software development, customization, websites, web shops, web storefronts and giving courses and training in the system. All knowledge is available at R2 Retail Solutions. We strive give you the experience you desire, we think along with you.


More revenue, better results!


Trustworthy numbers to make easy decisions.


Know your turnover and profitability


We have your personal solution!


WinPOS checkout

The easy-to-use cash register ensures an intuitive user experience.


Our POS (Point Of Sale) software

The WinPOS system is fast and user-friendly in an all-in-one package.


Customer loyalty is of utmost importance

The possibilities have no bounds!


Ready for the future!


POS Software

The possibilities are endless

WinPOS POS system is a fast, user-friendly and complete checkout system. Your cashiers will be familiar with the daily use within 10 minutes of. The POS system is only one element in the big picture of store automation but one of the most important. You will easily find the needed actions to help a customer. WinPOS [POS] not only represents the receipts together, it also allows the cashier to find information about articles or see a customer card. That’s how each cashier will optimally help your customers.

General functions:

Sales (POS)


POS software you can count on. Make extensive use of our different functions to optimize your checkout experience.

  • Item and stock information request
  • Linked PIN (Banksys / CCV)
  • Discount on line level / subtotal / checktotal
  • Vouchers in waiting
  • Unlimited number of payment methods
  • Option items (up-selling / cross-selling)
  • PLU menu (shortcut menu checkout)
  • Return booking by barcode on receipt
  • Sales to customer (debtor / loyalty)
  • Vouchers / gift cards / vouchers
  • Printing A5 / A4 receipt / invoice
  • Print forms / (day) reports
  • Staff Registration


RFIDThe speed of scanning, inventory, readability and providing additional information at the simple bar codes is no longer enough at this time.

RFID (Radio Frequence Identification) can take over  bar codes.

  • Identifying with one “sweep” by the clothes rack, makes periodic counting of stock to easy.
  • Counting at the checkout is done, once it is on the desk
  • Unique items can be marked and tracked
  • Dressing mirrors scan the items in the fitting room and show the additional information from the article
  • Your clients can scan the article themselves with their own smartphone. This will show them the additional information you want to present


More and more customers are discovering the great convenience of EDI.

If you choose te communicate with suppliers that use Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, this will save you an enormous amount of time

  • During the import of new products,
  • Processing purchase orders,
  • Returning the received products,
  • And automatic ordering NOOS (Never Out Of Stock) articles.


Magento koppelingenLink your Magento online store with WinPOS thanks to our two-way link.

  • Product information from WinPOS to Magento.
  • Inventory synchronization.
  • Sales reports from Magento to WinPOS.
  • Category export / import.
  • Costumers synchronization.


In addition to the standard integrations WinPOS is already able to be linked to:

  • Magento
  • Stockbase


Make it an experience for the customer to shop in your shop.

  • Registration by barcode (card) or naw information.
  • Statistics per Customer/item.
  • Send email to costumer selections.
  • Send sms to customer selections.


Offer returning customers an extra service and create customer loyalty

  • Loyalty points variably adjustable
  • Real-time processing loyalty points
  • Cashing through checkout
  • Exceptions article / product groups
  • Bonuspoints

POS hardware

All in one checkout system

Hieronder een overzicht van mogelijke hardware oplossingen voor uw winkel.

All-in-one checkout system


  • Atom D525 Dual Core 1.8Ghz, 2GB
  • RAM, 160GB HDD, colour black
  • Windows 7 pro

Symbol hand scanner

Easily scan barcodes at the checkout.

  • Including standard

Epson receipt printer

Including power supply

  • single-side
  • Black print
  • Color black or off white

Toshiba Label printer

Printer for labels and/or stickers.

Professional cash drawer

Heavy steel exported cash drawer.


Industriële PC speciaal gemaakt voor de retail. Compact formaat & bestand tegen stof.

WinPOS Mini PC

Industrial PC specially made for Retail. compact size, resistant to dust.

  • Fanless, 1,8GHz, 2 GB Standard
  • Serial 6x com, Usb 5x, Parallel 1x, Lan 1x
  • Size: 230 x 65x 190 mm
  • Windows 7 POS ready

WinPOS 15″ multi touchscreen

Monitor cash register.

  • 15″ Monitor, Bezelfree Projective Capacitive Touch
  • 1366*768 (16:9) resolution, Color dark grey

Symbol hand scanner

Easily scan barcodes at the checkout

  • Including standard

Epson receipt printer

Including power supply

  • Single-side
  • Black print
  • Color black or off white

Toshiba label printer

Printer for labels and/or stickers

Professional cash drawer

Black steel executed cash drawer.


WinPOS customer card registration

Be pro-active with customer loyalty. Try our loyalty rewards system.


Multiple cash registers?

Our software is ready for your store. Big or small.


Multiple branches?

All your data is reachable. Clear, Fast, And User-friendly.


WinPOS Backoffice branch administration

Full automation of your point of sale, logistics, article/stock control and CRM.

WinPOS back office is meant fully automate the point of sale, logistics, article/inventory and CRM of (fashion) retailers. WinPOS back office is the central administration for the supply of your cash registers in one or several branches and integrated online shops.

Our back office POS software can be installed locally. But can also be reached on your private network or your internet at one of the R2 servers in the Cloud-datapark. This allows you to manage your business processes and inventory management efficiently  based on real-time information. Anywhere. Anytime. As a result, you always have a clear overview of good and bad running products allowing you to take action immediately.

Notable functions include:


  • Article management
  • Create sales
  • Size/ color tables
  • Purchase orders
  • Enter delivery note (direct delivery)
  • (Re-) Order
  • Automatically re- ordering
  • Order advice (stock)
  • Product labels printing
  • Price agreements / quantity discount debtors.
  • Generate barcode (EAN13 / EAN8 / CODE39 / etc.)
  • Central distribution logistics (central warehouse)


  • Automatic communication between office, stores and webshops
  • Monitoring and alert by email


  • Redistribution advice
  • Booking revenue orders / suppliers
  • Interbranche shipping
  • Return sending to suppliers
  • Processing central distribution
  • Inventory movements


  • Data terminal link (wireless scanner)
  • Using stock movements
  • Zeroing stock
  • Reporting (differences list)
  • Merge inventory sessions


  • Calculate depreciation (book value stock)
  • Financial report (General Ledger mutations)
  • Day-week-month summary overview (sales / analysis)
  • Key figures turnover / gross yield etc.
  • Arch size (sales / stock)
  • Order (item level / cumulated)
  • Overview receipt (transaction history)
  • Scoring (by sales) article level / cumulated
  • Stock (item level / cumulated)


  • Checkout system (branches)
  • Webshop
  • Accounting
  • Gift cards

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