Web- and physical store

R2 Retail ensures that both your online and physical store stay connected.


Profit in time AND money

No more making Excel Spreadsheets. Start a new age of simplicity!


Clarity gives you all the room to breathe.

All information is available at a central point. Give yourself a breather.


Tracking stock

It has never been this simple!


Inventory administration and accounting is simple now!

Stock tracking? All the information in one place!

Stock administration is a breeze with the WinPOS checkout system! All sold items from your store and webshop are tracked. This means you will easily be able to know when to buy new products. View all features!

Linked to your webshop and physical shop

Both of your stocks are synchronized with each other. The correct information will always be clearly availabe. Learn more about the webshop here!

Save time and money!

With inventory control and the WinPOS system, The time you spend on the inventory management will decrease dramatically. Away with time-consuming Excel sheets! Start a new era!

Everyone is happy with the new system

The WinPOS POS system is very user friendly. Your cashier can handle within 10 minutes the new system. You happy, your cashier happy and the customers happy!

Get ahead of the curve. Start here.

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More revenue, better results!


Trustworthy numbers to make easy decisions.


Know your turnover and profitability


We have your personal solution!